Anonymous asked: u are so inactive :/ but i love ur blog

it’s because i’ve started like, idk what to call it here.

but i live in Sweden, and after 9 years in school you go to a school and you study to become what u want to be, lol im so bad at this. 

And I want to become an hairdresser so thats what im doing so I haven’t really had the time, and during the summer I didn’t want to spend my days inside on the computer. Also we get an Macbook from school so it’s way better then my last computer bcuz the keyboard didn’t work on it, so I’ll try to get better at updating! 


Anonymous asked: Can u believe that Maddie just got her first kiss with Gino?!?!?! Omg. I really think he can dance, he should join ALDC AND HE AND MADDIE SHOULD DATE!!!! Do u agree? :D

Not after what he had to say about her, that was just so wrong. He should know better. 

The link to the video - HERE
Maddie did an amazing job! 

The link to the video - HERE

Maddie did an amazing job! 


I am sooo sorry I haven’t been updating, but my computer keyboard doesn’t work & there’s so much in school cause im in the last grad ( 9th grade ) and there’s so much tests and stuff, but updating now im so sorry! Love you all! 


omg thank you guys so much for 1k! 


credit to who made the gif!